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Play Next

Play Next in YouTube - Chrome Extension

Play Next

Add through webstore from here.

Have you ever felt lazy? Not talking about extremity but I don't like changing songs one after other when they finish playing. I repeat I don't like opening a new tab and then searching for a song after which I play it only when the current song ends playing.
This chrome extension is a dark knight for people like us. Now you can add songs from whichever tab you want even when the current song is playing and like an obedient queue it will play each song one after other.

Well words are deceiveing, lets see the extension in action: Action gif


You can add songs sequentially while remove songs from anywhere and would ❤️ it always.

Simplest Usage Example

Open a YouTube video. Something like this:


Here you have songs suggestions in the right hand side, something like this:


Click on the Play Next link to add it to queue:


You can click on it again to remove it from queue:


And on the upper right hand side, on clicking the extension icon you can see the queue:


After the current song ends, the next song from queue will play. Something like this:


:) Happy songs listening.

Adding songs from another tab

Suppose you are listening to a song:


And you want that some other song plays after this, so you open a new tab:


And search for the song:


You want to play this song:

play_ n4

Just click on the 'Play Next' link:


After the current song ends in the initial tab:


The song you have searched for will play:


This is still in developmental phase. Feel free to contribute.