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Homebridge plugin to support Tado Smart AC Control devices.
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homebridge-tado-ac (v3)

Homebridge Plugin for Tado Smart AC Control.

Complies with Service.HeaterCooler / Service.Thermostat

Compatible with iOS 11 and above - iOS 10 Home app does not support HeaterCooler service.

min node version required: 6.4
min homebridge version required 4.0

check with: node -v &homebridge -V
and update if needed

Creating and maintaining Homebridge plugins consume a lot of time and effort, if you would like to share your appreciation, feel free to "Star" or donate.

Click here to review more of my plugins.


  1. Install homebridge using: sudo npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install this plugin using: sudo npm install -g homebridge-tado-ac
  3. Update your configuration file. See sample-config.json in this repository for a sample.

**install from git (latest version): sudo npm install -g

Config file

Easy config:

"platforms": [
        "platform": "TadoAC",
        "username": "",
        "password": "*************"

Advanced config:

"platforms": [
        "platform": "TadoAC",
        "name": "Tado AC",
        "username": "",
        "password": "*************",
        "homeID": 12345,
        "weatherSensorsEnabled": true,
        "weatherPollingInterval": 10,
        "occupancySensorsEnabled": true,
        "occupancyPollingInterval": 10,
        "anyoneSensor": true,
        "tadoMode": "TIMER",
        "durationInMinutes": 100,
        "autoFanOnly": ["Kids Room"],
        "manualControlSwitch": true,
        "disableHumiditySensor": false,
        "extraHumiditySensor": ["Living Room", 3],
        "disableFan": true


Parameter Description Required Default type
platform always "TadoAC". - String
name name of the platform - for logs only. - String
username your tado account username ( - String
password your tado account password. - String
homeID if not used, the plugin will automatically search for your home ID and store it locally auto Fetch Number
tadoMode                     default mode for the commands to be sent with. can be "MANUAL" for manual control until ended by the user, "TADO_MODE" for manual control until next schedule change in tado app OR "TIMER" for manual control until timer ends (duration can be set).                 "MANUAL"
durationInMinutes               duration in Minutes for the "TIMER" settings              90
statePollingInterval ***new   Enable and set interval (in seconds) for polling state from the device  -more details below             false false / Number
weatherSensorsEnabled   Enable Outside Temperature sensor and Solar Intensity light bulb.  -more details below             false Boolean
weatherPollingInterval       Time in Minutes to check for changes in weather. Default is false for no polling.              false false / Number
occupancySensorsEnabled    Enable Occupancy Sensors.  -more details below           false Boolean
occupancyPollingInterval       Time in Seconds to check for changes in occupancy. Default is 10 for polling every 10 seconds. it can't be set to false!            10 Number
anyoneSensor       Adds 1 Occupancy Sensor named "Anyone" to represent the state of someone at home.            true Boolean
manualControlSwitch       Adds switch for getting Manual control status and turn OFF manual control from HomeKit (turn ON is done by sending any command).         false Boolean / Array*
autoFanOnly       When set to true, all commands will be sent with "AUTO" fan speed if possible .          false Boolean / Array*
disableHumiditySensor       When set to true, it will disable the attached humidity sensor.          false Boolean / Array*
disableFan       When set to true, it will disable the fan accessory          false Boolean / Array*
extraHumiditySensor ***new      When set to true, it will add extra separate humidity sensor.         false Boolean / Array*
forceThermostat ***new      When set to true, it will force Homebridge to create Thermostat accessory instead of the HeaterCooler(AC)         false Boolean / Array*

* Config Array -

some of the config fields allow to set settings for specific devices. this can be achieved by sending the device/zone name or ID. both of them are can be seen when homebridge load and this plugin fetch the zones. if you decide to set it for a specific device, it must be in an array, and can be both zone name or ID in the same array. examples:

"disableFan": ["Living Room"] (Single zone with name)

"disableFan": [1, 2] (2 zones with ids)

"disableFan": [1, "Kids Room"] (2 zones mixed id and name)

"disableFan": true (For All)

"disableFan": false (For None)

State Polling (V3 and newer)

This new options gives a lot more then meets the eye. Setting a state polling interval will fetch the device state every X seconds bringing: relative humidity, room temperature, device full state.

Polling for state gives you the ability to set different automations based on thr changing room temperature or humidity levels. You can even set automations based on different changes of state on your device. (Most of those automations can only be achieved with 3rd party apps like EVE)

For Example:

  • Set The Living Room AC to "Heat" when temperature drops below 20ºC
  • Set the Bedroom Fan to ON when Humidity is Over 70%
  • Turn off Bedroom Lights when Bedroom Tado turns off (that way you can set the Tado device to manually control other devices)

To set State Polling add "statePollingInterval": time_in_seconds to your config and change the time_in_seconds to your choice, depends on your automations needs (I recommend to set it to something between 5-10).

State Polling is also great to increase the loading speed of your Homebridge accessories. If you felt like it takes a few seconds to load all your accessories in Home app, this should return the status instantly as the status is always fetched from the devices.

Thermostatic Control (V3 and newer)

Thermostatic Control is finally supported in Version 3! Now, when the plugin recognize that your device is on thermostatic control it will create a thermostat accessory in HomeKit instead of the HeaterCooler(AC) Service, This will disable the fan, fan speed & swing abilities but give you more natural control over the device.

If you're interested in thermostat accessory even in non-thermostatic control, it can be achieved with the new feature "Force Thermostat", just add "forceThermostat": true to your config or set it only for specific devices this way: "forceThermostat": [2, 5, 8] or "forceThermostat": ["Living Room", "Kids Room"]

Humidity Sensor (V3 and newer)

In V3,the humidity sensor is part of the main accessory AC/Thermostat and no longer created as a separate sensor. this helps to create a better and clean interface without any unnecessary accessories while maintaining the options to get the state from Siri, set automations and view the humidity state in the device settings.

If you're interested in getting the extra humidity sensor back, it can be achieved with the new feature "Extra Humidity Sensor", just add "extraHumiditySensor": true to your config or set it only for specific devices this way: "extraHumiditySensor": [2, 5, 8] or "extraHumiditySensor": ["Living Room", "Kids Room"]

Outside Temperature & Solar Intensity Sensors

Enabling this feature will add 2 new accessories to your home:

All data is gathered from Tado API and is related specifically to your homes.

Outside Temperature - Temperature sensor that will show you the temperature outside of your home area.

Solar Intensity - Light bulb accessory that will show you the relative(%) brightness of the sun in your home area. will go off when it's dark.

Those accessories are great for setting automation based on the weather condition, for example:

  • When the first person arrive, If Outside Temperature is lower than 18ºC, Then, Turn on the heat.
  • When Solar Intensity is off, Then, Turn on the Hall Lights & close Blinds.
  • When Solar Intensity is lower then 20%, Then, Turn on the Garden Lights.

When setting automations that are based on these sensors, it's best to set a polling interval value so that the system will update HomeKit for any changes in weather every X minutes. I recommend to set it to 10 (for every 10 minutes).

When there are no automations based on those sensors it's best to set it to false (or remove from config) so it would be easier on the machine. That way, the status for the sensors will be retrieved only when the app is opened

Occupancy Sensors

Enabling this feature will add Occupancy Sensors for each user signed up to your Tado home (and enabled location services on their device). If not set otherwise, the system will check for the status every 10 seconds.

"Anyone" Sensor will be added automatically to easily automate actions when the first person arrives home or the last person leaves. this is a better alternative to Home App Arrive/Leave automations since this will not require approval for triggering automation. to remove this accessory, set anyoneSensor to false


Whats New in Version 3 ??

This version was built from scratch to bring you a lot more options and control over your Tado device & air conditioner with HomeKit:

  1. Optimize code to bring you faster loading speed, faster response and compatibility with all Tado states.
  2. THERMOSTATIC Control is finally supported!! Now, whenever you set your Tado device to Thermostatic control, your accessory in HomeKit will become a Thermostat to give it more natural feel (No Fan speed & swing are supported in Thermostatic Control).
  3. Force Thermostat - set 'forceThermostat' in the config to use Thermostat accessory even with Non-Thermostatic control.
  4. State Polling is now available! state polling will help you achieve automations based on your humidity, temperature or Tado state. it also helps to load device status instantly as the state is taken regularly from the device.
  5. Humidity Sensor is now part of the HeaterCooler Service(AC) and now appear only in the accessory settings and not as a separate accessory. this move was meant to prevent unnecessary accessory in HomeKit when some can be joined together. if you still prefer to see th humidity sensor as a separate accessory it can be done by adding "extraHumiditySensor": true to your config.
  6. Settings for individual device - some of the config options are now available to be set for specific devices. that can be achieved by sending an array of device name or zone ID (if known)
  7. Changed config names:
    manualControl => manualControlSwitch
    autoOnly => autoFanOnly

version 2.3:

  1. Added option to disable the humidity sensors (if you're tracking the humidity with another device).
  2. Added option to disable the fans (if you're using other fans)
  3. Fixed API issues (using token)

version 2.2:

  1. Added support for "TIMER" Tado mode to set each command with a timer.
  2. Manual Control Switch - to turn off "Manual Control" if needed.
  3. Extra Temperature Sensor - for Temperature Sensor in a different accessory. (deprecated)
  4. Added support for "AUTO" fan speed.
  5. Solved crashing homebridge when API is down.

version 2:

  1. Homebridge plugin turned into platform to support 1 eco-system.
  2. Device auto detection - the plugin automatically detects and adds any Tado AC device.
  3. HomeKit air conditioner support.
  4. Support for Swing and Rotation Speed of the air conditioner.
  5. Fan Support - as different accessory.
  6. Auto configuration - The plugin detects the capabilities of your AC (set by Tado) and set them up accordingly in HomeKit:
    • Zone Id
    • Home Id
    • Min/Max Temperature
    • Modes (AUTO/COOL/HEAT/FAN)
    • Temperature Unit
    • Swing
    • Rotation Speeds
  7. Humidity sensor as a separated accessory.
  8. Much faster status update - makes the accessories load much faster in Home app.
  9. Easy config - Only username and password are required now to enjoy all features.
  10. Outside Temperature support.
  11. Solar Intensity support.
  12. Occupancy Sensors.

This version does not support lower version then iOS 11, To use old version feel free to install from GitHub: sudo npm install -g


  • Auto mode in the home app will show middle 25ºC, but because Tado app does not support temperature for Auto mode, changing the temperature will not change anything in Tado.

  • HomeKit Cooling or Heating mode while in Auto Mode is set by evaluation I'm making with the room temperature so no promises there.

  • There might be an issue with Fahrenheit degrees on the thermostat accessory cause I haven't tested it yet... if it does, please let me know

  • Rotation speed support every speed but not Auto speed since there is no option for that in HomeKit - therefor when rotation speed is set to Auto through Tado app it will just show low speed in home app.

  • You might see errors like Initializing platform accessory 'Living Room Tado'... HAP Warning: Characteristic 00000025-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291 not in required or optional characteristics for service 0000004A-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291. Adding anyway...
    You can ignore these errors as those are cause by adding unnatural Characteristics like the humidity sensor to the HeaterCooler or the On Characteristic to the Thermostat.

I tried my best to make this version flawless, but expect some issues since each user has his own different setup. Once a new issue is noticed, please submit to Issues

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