🚀 An experimental project which demonstrates an Angular Package which contains Angular Elements and Schematics
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Made With Love

npm Package Version License code style: prettier demo: stackblitz

A project that demonstrates how to build an Angular Package which provides a simple Angular Element. Also, it demonstrates how to make it addable with ng add using Schematics.

Check out this article for getting more information about the project.

How to Install

To Install using Angular, simply do:

ng add angular-made-with-love

This command will:

  • Add @angular/elements, @webcomponents/custom-elements and angular-made-with-love into package.json.
  • Run npm install.
  • Import MadeWithLoveModule into the root module of your host application.
  • Inject the polyfill’s script file into the scripts of your host application.

In case you want to do it manually, there are available CLI parameters for skipping the steps above: skipPackageJson, skipModuleImport and skipPolyfill.

How to Use

Apply CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA on your host module:

  imports: [...],
  declarations: [...],
export class HostModule {}

Insert the following line into a template:

<made-with-love name="Nitay Neeman" url="http://nitayneeman.com" size="1.5" color="red"></made-with-love>


This package is intended to be used inside Angular applications. In case you want to use it as part of an non-Angular application - go to this branch.

This README was written with ❤️.