Nitrogen Plugins

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As of version 2.2.0, Nitrogen supports the use of a plugin system for plugin applications that have been included as rebar dependencies.

The following is a list of known Plugins (feel free to add your own):

  • quicktable - A more concise element for HTML tables.
  • sigma_search - Provides a #sigma_search{} element for a simple mechanism for a collapsible search block.
  • sigma_form - Provide a #sigma_form{} element for simple quick form building.
  • paginate - Provide #paginate{} element as a simple wrapper for providing a paginated list of contents (like listing users of a site, or whatnot) along with a search function.
  • tinymce - Provide a #tinymce{} WYSIWYG editor that servers as a textarea element.
  • sigma_yesno - Provide a shortcut #yesno{} element for a #dropdown{} for boolean types.
  • time_selector - A simple #time_selector{} element, built as an example of the upcoming book "Build it with Nitrogen".
  • always_checkbox - An alternative checkbox element that will always be submitted with postbacks even if not checked.
  • validator_is_datetime - A custom validator to make sure a value is a parseable date or time format (uses qdate for parsing).
  • nitrogen_togglebox - A toggle box element for nitrogen based on Bootstrap Toggle
  • [nitrogen_fa] ( - a quick means to add Font Awesome into your nitrogen pages.
  • Nitrogen User Page - visualise at least the location of page views, some of the user agents fields such as operating system; and see in a raw format the currently connected ports.

To create your own plugins, check out the Sample Nitrogen Plugin