Simulated CCD Observations for Photometric Experimentation
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Simulated CCD Observations for Photometric Experimentation

scope creates a forward model of telescope detectors with pixel sensitivity variation, and synthetic stellar targets with motion relative to the CCD. This model allows the creation of light curves to test de-trending methods for existing and future telescopes. The primary application of this package is the simulation of the Kepler Space Telescope detector to prepare for increased instrumental noise in its final campaigns of observation.

This package includes methods to change magnitude of motion and sensitivity properties of the CCD, inject synthetic transiting exoplanet targets and stellar variability, and test PLD de-trending.

For examples of usage, see the sample notebook.

To install scope, run

pip install tele-scope

Note that scope depends on the EVEREST pipeline (Luger et. al 2016). EVEREST can be installed with

pip install everest-pipeline