Python module for generating the coordinates of the platonic solids in n dimensions
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python geometry module

Currently has module for generating the points and line segments of the platonic solids, in 3 and more dimensions.

The modules are expected to live in a subdirectory named geometry.


Each shape has a method for generating points, and one for generating linesegments.

Most modules when executed as a script, will run some unittests:

PYTHONPATH=. python geometry/

qtcube is a tool which demonstrates how to draw 3d objects using several drawing libraries:

commandline action
--matlib draw a 3d scene using matplotlib
--cube draw a 3d scene using the PySide Qt library
--pygame draw a 3d scene using the PyGame library

The qt and pygame versions use a simple Slider and Checkbox which might not look like Slider and checkbox... It's the dashed lines, and the square box.


Tool for generating a .dot graph showing how the points, edges, faces, 3d-volumes, etc are interdependent for Cubes, Tetrahedrons and Octahedrons of any dimension.

Each graph generator has:

  • a method partname for generating sensible labels for the points, edges, faces, etc.
  • a method makeparts for generating the parameters needed for partname of a given sub dimension.
  • a method containspart which tells if a m dimensional part contains the m-1 dimensional subpart

Example: 4-d shapes


Willem Hengeveld