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Intro to Engineering Final Project: Bomb Defusal Simulator

Originally Submitted April 27, 2017 to Professor Brian Smith.


TL;DR: Go to the releases section to download the binary!

At the time of writing this, over a year has passed since my group and I first submitted and presented this project to my Intro to Engineering class. It still stands as the most fun I've had with a programming project to date, mostly due to the chemistry of our team and the novelty of the project. Despite a few bumps early on and several all nighters close to the deadline, we pulled through and came to our demonstration day with a great project.
I'd like to emphasize that while I am very proud of this project and all of the work we put into it, this was our FIRST experience on any large programming project, and as a result the code is really messy. There's plenty of unused variables, poor style, and far too few comments for a project of this size. If you have any questions about what a line of code does, what a variable means, or anything else, feel free to contact me via my website,
Thanks for checking out this project!
Shoutout to the team at Steel Crate Games for inspiring us with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!

Team Members:

Nick Marcopoli
Andy Shin
Santiago Calderon Novoa
Patrick West
Thomas Eckburg

Video Demonstration:

Each group was required to create a video demonstration of their project for their grader. I've linked our video below:
Video Here
We also wrote up an executive summary of our project, which is just a high level overview of our work. I've included this, along with our demonstration day presentation and instruction manual, in the res folder of this repo.


First, grab a friend and print out our instruction manual, found in the res folder of this repo. Don't read through it just yet! Next, run the initialMenu.m file. Click on the difficulty you'd like to play on (we recommend starting on very easy mode) and press Play Game. Have your friend open the instruction manual and read through it - your objective will become clear as your friend reads. Have fun!


Generate a random bomb and work through a set of four modules to defuse it. Play in pairs to maximize fun!







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