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3dash Static Site Generator

3dash is a tiny PHP static site generator created as a weekend project. We wanted a simple PHP solution, similar to Metalsmith, to create a tiny personal blog.

Here's the gist: there is a payload object that manages your site content and asset files. The payload object's properties are associative arrays. The array keys are pathnames of generated site files (e.g. "/about/josh.html"), and the array values are File instances that determine the content of generated site files.

The payload object is processed by a sequence of plugins. Plugins are run in the order they are added. Each plugin may manipulate the payload object. For example, a plugin may add, update, or remove site files. A plugin may also provide tools intended for subsequent plugins. The final plugin generates and outputs site files.


Vulnerability Disclosure

If you find a security-related bug or vulnerabilty, please EMAIL US at:

Please DO NOT disclose vulnerabilities on our public issue tracker.

Issue Tracker

Find a bug? Have suggestions? Open an issue here:


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3dash is released under the MIT Public License.


3dash is created and maintained by New Media Campaigns.