Open URLs, files, folders, or google text under the cursor or in selected text for Sublime Text.
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Open URL a Sublime Text Package


Opens URLs, files, folders, or googles text under the cursor or in a text selection with a hotkey, command, or menu item.
Sublime Text 2 version in
Sublime Text 3 version in
Package Control info:


Any one of these:

  • Install using the Sublime Package Manager
  • Download and unpack into your sublime packages folder a version for: Sublime Text 2 or Sublime Text 3
  • Clone into your Packages folder, from the Packages folder run:
    Sublime Text 2: git clone --branch st2
    Sublime Text 3: git clone --branch st3

How to Use

Put the cursor under or select a url, file, folder, or text and run command.

  • URLs = open in browser, like or
  • folder = open in finder/explorer, like c:\windows
  • file = choice to Edit or Run, like ~/.bashrc
  • other = google it, any text

Ways to run the command:

  • ctrl+u
  • right-click > 'Open URL' (from context menu)
  • ctrl+shift+p > 'Open URL' (from list of ST2 commands)
  • alt + double-click (opens what's under the cursor, does not open text selection)

Watch a little 1 min video demo.


Default Actions

You can set specific file extensions to be edit or run without being prompted with a menu. The default has been set for .sublime-project .txt and a few other files types. Open open_url.sublime-settings to change and add your own.

  • If the action is edit it will be opened for editing in Sublime
  • If the action is run it will be executed by the OS
  • You can add an 'openwith': 'myprogram.exe' to specify a specific a program to open the file with. In this case the shell will execute the openwith program and the selection will be a parameter.

Update Notices

  • 2016-05-20, added "open in new window" and "reveal" for files and folders
  • 2016-05-17, added support for ~ on posix, added all top level icann domains, added 'add to project' for folders
  • 2013-10-14, Sublime Text 3 version added. Updates going forward will only be made to the Sublime Text 3 version of the package.
  • Additional updates are now tracked in this notes.txt file:


See also: You may like this Google Spell Check sublime package.

Credits: Thanks goes to peterc for starting a forum thread about this topic and KatsuomiK for his gist that was the start of this plugin.

Author: @noahcoad writes software for the heck of it and to make life just a little more efficient.