A simple twitch video overlay extension providing a follow button as a CTA for viewers
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Featured Follow Button

A simple extension for Twitch supporting video overlay and component mode!

Install it on your own channel here: https://www.twitch.tv/ext/ih4ptg04wzw6nf4qms0612b8uj0tbh


Local Dev

You will need your own extension on twitch in local dev mode. Under Asset Hosting, configure the viewer path to viewer.html, the config path to config.html, and the live config path to dashboard.html.

cd frontend
npm install
npm start


cd frontend
npm install
npm run build

Upload the output zip file to twitch. Tag with the version once released. git tag -a -m "v1.0.0" v1.0.0 && git push --tags


No longer needed! Code will be deleted soon. :)