A pre-commit hook that sorts your xcodeproj file
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A pre-commit hook that sorts your xcodeproj file.

What is it?

This repo provides a ready to use pre-commit hook for automatically sorting your Xcode project. The hook looks for files ending in .pbxproj that have been modified and sorts their project group hierarchy automatically using the Xcodeproj gem. The effect is that the sort leaves your project file modified if it's not sorted, so that pre-commit won't allow the unsorted file to go through.


If you haven't set up pre-commit, check out pre-commit's installation docs first.

Add the following to your .pre-commit-config.yaml:

-   repo: git://github.com/noahsark769/xcodeproj-sort-pre-commit-hook
    sha: v1.0.4
    - id: xcodeproj-sort
      args: [--groups-position=above]

Then, run:

pre-commit install


Use the --groups-position option to specify the position of groups in the sort:

  • above: Positions groups above objects in the sort
  • below: Positions groups below objects in the sort

The default is to interleave groups and objects in the sort.

Running manually

The code runs in a rubygem which is build by pre-commit. To run a sort manually outside of pre-commit, install the gem locally:

gem install xcodeproj-sort

Then, run the gem with the project file as an argument:

xcodeproj-sort MyProject.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj


I use this in the development of Trestle, but your mileage might vary. If you notice a bug or have a feature request, please open a github issue or submit a pull request. It's best to open issues first so that work isn't duplicated.


After closing the repo, you can run make install to build the gem and install locally, after which xcodeproj-sort should be in your path.