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Ok, let’s get this out of the way from the git-go…


Yeah yeah, I know. Todo lists are the hello world of the 4G language ecosystem. So why did I do this? Four reasons:

  1. It’s open source. Fork it, play with it, make it your own
  2. Simple. All I wanted was something where I could rapidly enter, sort and group todos. With plugin functionality.
  3. Free Sharing. I wanted to be able to share todos among people I’m working with, or my wife.
  4. OPEN SOURCE. Im hoping that someone will create an iPad app, and blackberry, and Mac menu-bar :)

Can I try it?

Ya. It’s live and ready and working at

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Also, here are the release notes.

So what does it do?

It’s a rapid todo list manager with crazy flexible tags. That’s basically it. You enter a todo and tag the crap out of it. If you tag something with a “!tag” in front then any tag with that label will be grouped. Enter a date, or enter something like “2 days from now” or “tomorrow” and a due date will be assigned. And coming soon (this week, maybe :)), enter ‘@tag’ and that todo will be shared with anyone else collaborating on that tag.

Like GTD methodology? Use it. Use the tags you want for today, sometime, this week etc? Like the due date philosophy? Go for it? Into Waynesism or whatever your name might be? Go crazy. That’s the point. Ya only got a todo and tags

RAPID (did I say RAPID) data entry. No swag.

Once you login just use the keyboard like a mad-man.

Keyboard Shortcuts
  • ctrl+n: toggles new todo panel
  • j: next todo
  • k: previous todo
  • f: takes you to first checkbox
  • space/enter: marks as complete
  • e: edits selected item
  • n: create/view notes & history
Tag Actions
  • !tag: create a group for all tags labeled “tag”
  • any date or date expression: creates a due date for the item
  • Click tag(s) to filter
  • Right click a tag group to ungroup, delete or check all
  • Drag handle to reposition in group
  • Click the undo icon to “uncheck” a completed task

Of course, you can use the mouse too.

Notes and History

Any todo can have as many notes attached as you want.

Todopia also records an audit trail of who did what.

What if I don’t use yer fancy-pants javascripts?

Umm, what year is this? Are you still using IE? Dear god. Go away. Please.


I’m going to be adding Uservoice but for now just add any issues in Github. Please let me know OS and Browser since this thing is crazy jQuery.