Building up the node community through mentoring
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Node Mentoring Program

Building up the node community through mentoring... tl;dr? Fill out this form to sign up as a mentor or mentee.

mentors and mentees

Why would I want a mentor?

Are you just learning node, or looking to get started? Have you been struggling with something node-related for a while and not sure where to go next? Mentors can help!

Mentors can be awesome encouragement when learning gets rough. We're knowledgable, nice, and we want to help you steer through the uncharted waters of code and community.

How is this different than Stack Overflow?

The idea is to provide more personal, specific support and hopefully develop healthy mentoring relationships rather than just a quick question/answer exchange. We're figuring it out as we go so tell us what's working and what's not by filing an issue on this repo!

OK so what do I do?

Fill out our short mentorship form so we can match you up with a mentor.

Have a more general question about mentoring? You can always ask a question on our Gitter channel or file an issue on the GitHub issue queue

Want to help mentor some people?

We'd like mentors to fill out the same form and then submit a pull request to this repo adding your name and info to this README. We're still working out how to manage and display that list, so stay tuned for more details. (See: issue #49)

*You can always watch this repo and the gitter channel for updates and to follow along with the overall mentoring conversation.

Current Mentor List