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- Implement other stuff missing in
Like setuid, setgid, kill etc.
-- Implement missing `net` methods
+- Implement missing `net` methods
+ A pressing issue is: how do we work with windows api functions that are not utf8 aware?
+ E.g. getaddrinfo() is ansi-only; GetAddrInfoW is utf16-only. Can we get utf16 straight out of v8?
- Child processes
- Stdio (make TTY's / repl / readline work)
- Also verify writeError and isStdoutBlocking correctness
+ This will be hard: there is no ANSI escape code support in windows.
+ Select() doesn't work on TTYs -- use a dedicated `getchar()` thread
+ that relays everything to an internal socket?
+ Also verify writeError and isStdoutBlocking correctness.
- Make `make test` work, think about `make install`

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