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meta: considerations for new core modules

PR-URL: #15022
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@@ -263,6 +263,32 @@ multiple commits. Commit metadata and the reason for the revert should be
appended. Commit message rules about line length and subsystem can be ignored.
A Pull Request should be raised and approved like any other change.
### Introducing New Modules
Semver-minor commits that introduce new core modules should be treated with
extra care.
The name of the new core module should not conflict with any existing
module in the ecosystem unless a written agreement with the owner of those
modules is reached to transfer ownership.
If the new module name is free, a Collaborator should register a placeholder
in the module registry as soon as possible, linking to the pull request that
introduces the new core module.
Pull requests introducing new core modules:
* Must be left open for at least one week for review.
* Must be labeled using the `ctc-review` label.
* Must have signoff from at least two CTC members.
New core modules must be landed with a [Stability Index][] of Experimental,
and must remain Experimental until a semver-major release.
For new modules that involve significant effort, non-trivial additions to
Node.js or significant new capabilities, an [Enhancement Proposal][] is
recommended but not required.
### Deprecations
Deprecation refers to the identification of Public APIs that should no longer
@@ -642,3 +668,5 @@ release. This process of making a release will be a collaboration between the
LTS working group and the Release team.
[backporting guide]: doc/guides/
[Stability Index]:
[Enhancement Proposal]:

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