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@@ -271,8 +271,8 @@ See `common.expectWarning()` for usage.
Indicates whether 'opensslCli' is supported.

### platformTimeout(ms)
* `ms` [&lt;number>|&lt;bigint>]
* return [&lt;number>|&lt;bigint>]
* `ms` [&lt;number>] | [&lt;bigint>]
* return [&lt;number>] | [&lt;bigint>]

Returns a timeout value based on detected conditions. For example, a debug build
may need extra time so the returned value will be larger than on a release
@@ -793,11 +793,12 @@ See [the WPT tests README][] for details.
[Web Platform Tests]:
[`hijackstdio.hijackStdErr()`]: #hijackstderrlistener
[`hijackstdio.hijackStdOut()`]: #hijackstdoutlistener
[Web Platform Tests]:
[the WPT tests README]: ../wpt/

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