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Node.js' Tooling Group

Advancing Node.js as a framework for writing great tools

What nodejs/tooling Is

  • nodejs/tooling is a place to propose and discuss initiatives around improving the developer experience for those writing tools using Node.js.
  • nodejs/tooling is a group of developers who want to help. The team can be mentioned using the username @nodejs/tooling.

What nodejs/tooling Is Not

  • nodejs/tooling has nothing to do with internal tools or automation for the Node.js project. Maybe you were looking for nodejs/build or nodejs/automation?
  • nodejs/tooling is not an official "working group"; it presently has no charter.
  • There are no actual tools in nodejs/tooling.

"Tools" Definition

It may be easiest to provide this non-exhaustive list of examples:

  • Test runners & linters
  • Build tools & bundlers
  • Task runners
  • Package managers
  • System utilities
  • Compilers, transpilers & language servers
  • Modules, projects & libraries supporting these use cases

How to Help

  • Join the #node-tooling channel on the Dev Tools Community Slack (automatic signup)
  • Provide user feedback--how do you use Node.js to write tools? What's good? What could be better?
  • Create issues and participate in discussions
  • Attend online meetings
  • Document initiatives and send them as PRs
  • Help us formalize stuff if it's too loosey-goosey, b/c I'm just making this up as I go rn

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Advancing Node.js as a framework for writing great tools




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