Getting Started on OSX

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Getting started with the NodeMCU devkit on OSX (for version 1.0):

  • You will need to install the SiLabs serial driver for the chip (direct link)

  • To connect to it, first install CoolTerm

    • pick Options, then select the /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART connection that those drivers created.
    • 9600 baud worksforme
  • If on connection, the device says "Please run file.remove("user.lua") before first use." in a loop, enter the commands:

  • CoolTerm is good for direct simple communication, but for working with the device you want ESPlorer and its associated eBook by Rui Santos.

  • To flash the firmware you need special flags.

    • Get the appropriate NodeMCU firmware

    • Install esptool:

      git clone 
      cd esptool
      sudo python ./ install
    • Hold down the "FLASH" button on the device and hit the "RST" button while doing so.

    • Substituting in the correct path to the firmware file you downloaded, run

      python ./ --port=/dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART  write_flash  -fm=dio -fs=32m 0x00000 ../nodemcu-master-8-modules-2015-09-01-02-42-13-float.bin
    • Unplug the device and replug it.

    • Connect for great justice

Happy Hacking!

Thanks to François Guillier for figuring most of this out!

Please note: If you have the older NodeMCU dev kit version (blue silkscreen, says Devkit 0.9 on the silkscreen) try these steps:

  • You'll need the WCH serial driver:
  • My module did not have a reset button wired. The simplest way to flash the ESP8266 for me was to:
    • Make note of the serial port. Look out of something like: /dev/cu.wchusbserial...
    • Unplug the NodeMCU dev kit first.
    • Press the FLASH button and keep it pressed.
    • Replug the NodeMCU dev kit,
    • Wait a bit and then release the FLASH button.
    • Start the flashing process with executing the terminal commands from above.

To figure out the serial port, type in the Terminal: ls /dev/cu.*

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