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Fizzbot has questions for you... so many questions. A FizzBuzz API for you to play with.
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Meet the Fizzbot


Dear candidate.

Thank you for your interest.

Here at Noops Headquarters we receive a number of applications for positions in our world-class software development organization.

Unfortunately, we are very busy cooking up new challenges, so we cannot personally repond to each application.


Get started at — but do it quickly!

We don't have time for slowpokes around here, and we will grade you on how fast you can solve this challenge.

Fizzbot will give you a series of questions. Solve each one by GETting the question from the provided url and then POSTing the answer back to the same url.

Fizzbot will give you a 200 response if you are correct, and a 400 response if you need to try again. Learn more about HTTP status codes.

Answering a question correctly will give you the path to the next question. When you answer all of the questions correctly, Fizzbot will grade your performance. If you're not happy with your grade, you can always try again to get a better score.

Read the API documentation for more information.


Get started with Python or Ruby using the included scripts, or start from scratch.


Here are two interactive interactive starter kits, made for Python 3 and Python 2.

Learn how to install Python.


This example shows how you might write a bot that can solve the fizzbot challenge automatically.

Check out the Ruby script and try to beat Fizzbot at its own game.

Learn how to install ruby.

Other languages

Do you have a favorite language? We'd love to see your solution.

More about Fizzbot and all of the other Noops here:

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