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Olimex EFM32 Example with Olimex ARM-JTAG-COOCOX and KEIL MDK-ARM
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Program EFM32 with CoLinkEx and Keil.pdf


Program Olimex EFM32 Boards with Olimex ARM-JTAG-Coocox (CoLinkEx) with Keil MDK-ARM-Lite:

I like Energymicro Microcontrollers and I found some cheap Olimex Boards with them. Then I searched a cheap debugger/programmer, I found the CoLinkEx or similar the Olimex ARM-JTAG-COOCOX. And now I program some example for these EFM32 Olimex Boards.

You need:

  1. Keil MDK-ARM-LITE with CoMDKPlugin or Coocox IDE or EmBlocks, CoLinkEx USB Driver,
  2. Olimex ARM-JTAG-COOCOX (or another CoLinkEx) or J-Link
  3. an Olimex EFM32 Board (at the moment only an example for the EM-32G10F128 and the EFM32G880F128-STK is available)

For more Information and direct Links please read "Program EFM32 with CoLinkEx and Keil.pdf"

Version__0.6_______28.07.2013_______ -add 02_LCD_Example_EM-32G880F128-STK, based on EFM32Gxxx_STK emlcd example (emlib 3.20.0) from Energy Micro for EmBlocks and Keil MDK-ARM

  • add J-Link to 02_Basic_Example_EFM32G880F128-STK_CooCox_CoIDE (still emlib 1.3.0)


  • add example for EFM32G880F128-STK with Keil MDK-ARM and emlib 3.20.0 in folder 01_Basic_Example_EFM32G880F128-STK_Keil_MDK_ARM
  • add example for EFM32G880F128-STK with CooCox CoIDE and emlib 1.3.0 in folder 02_Basic_Example_EFM32G880F128-STK_CoIDE

It's only a simple example with Systick Delay and Breakpoints in Debug Mode


  • update emlib and EFM32G to new version 3.20.0


  • add some Information about how to flash with CoLinkEx CoFlash Command Line


  • axf to bin convert is not necessary, Sorry for wrong information
  • add Ulink2 to Project, you can now switch between CoLinkEx and Ulink2
  • correct comments


  • Initial Version with one Blinky Example for EM-32G10F128 in 00_Blinky_Keil_EM-32G10F128-H alpha

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