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MOJI is an unofficial Java client for the Moss plagiarism detection service. It has the following key features:

  • Pure Java implementation with few dependencies
  • Cross-platform support


  • Java 6 or better
  • Apache Commons IO 2.3


Use either of the following methods to obtain a MOJI binary.

  • add as Maven dependency:

  • download the JAR and include it in your Java project.

  • build it yourself using Maven and include the JAR in your Java project.

Quick Start

1. Preparation

MOJI requires some kind of Moss-compatible directory structure to distinguish between different students.

To achieve this, copy all student source codes to a directory where each subdirectory contains the source code of a single student.

A valid directory containing student solutions might look like this:

|- student1
   |- ...
|- student2
   |- ...
|_ student3
   |- ...

2. Download the JAR (or build it yourself) and include it in your project.

3. Create a new socket client object to communicate with the Moss server.

Example code

import java.util.Collection;
import it.zielke.moji.SocketClient;

public class QuickStart {
	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
		// a list of students' source code files located in the prepared
		// directory.
		Collection<File> files = FileUtils.listFiles(new File(
			"C:\\temp\\solution_directory"), new String[] { "java" }, true);

		// a list of base files that was given to the students for this
		// assignment.
		Collection<File> baseFiles = FileUtils.listFiles(new File(
			"C:\\temp\\base_directory"), new String[] { "java" }, true);
		//get a new socket client to communicate with the Moss server
		//and set its parameters.
		SocketClient socketClient = new SocketClient();
		//set your Moss user ID
		//set the programming language of all student source codes
		//initialize connection and send parameters;
		// upload all base files
		for (File f : baseFiles) {
		//upload all source files of students
		for (File f : files) {
		//finished uploading, tell server to check files
		//get URL with Moss results and do something with it
		URL results = socketClient.getResultURL();
		System.out.println("Results available at " + results.toString());


To execute all tests, simply run

mvn test



This software communicates with Moss by Alex Aiken of Stanford University. MOJI is not in any way affiliated with Moss.


MOJI is under MIT License. Please see the corresponding license files.