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@noryb009 noryb009 released this Mar 20, 2016 · 62 commits to master since this release

LICK is a Puppy Linux installer for Windows. It configures Windows and Puppy Linux to dual-boot environment in just a few clicks. This makes it perfect if you want to try out Linux without the hassle of installing.

LICK is versatile: it can be run on almost any version of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 10, on BIOS or UEFI.

LICK is easy to use: It does not require a CD to be burnt or a USB drive to run. Download a Puppy Linux ISO and select it in the program to install it.

LICK is developer-friendly: If you want to bring the power of LICK to your application or distribution, a command line utility and a library is available. LICK is licensed under the MIT license, so feel free to use it however you like.

After months of development and testing, LICK is finally release-ready. Download it and an ISO file of your favourite version of Puppy Linux to get started.

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