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omnisharp-emacs screenshot Ready made emacs configuration for omnisharp-emacs with a bunch of plugins ready installed and keybindings designed to be familiar to VS/Resharper users.

Don't use this if you already have an emacs installation that you want to keep!!

This is meant for people who are new to emacs and want to get running quickly.

To install git clone ~/.emacs.d

For OSX, use or brew install emacs -cocoa --with-gnutls

For Windows, use

To run k commands from emacs on OSX, you'll need to start it from the shell to ensure that your PATH is set correctly within emacs after kvm use .....

You might want to use an alias such as

alias e='/Applications/' in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc file.

Feature Keybinding Notes
Intellisense None Automatic
Goto Definition Cmd-D, F12 Might want to disable OSX F12 key
Find Usages Cmd-U or Shift-F12
Find Implementations Cmd-I
Rename F2 or Ctrl-R,R
Run test Ctrl-R-T Currently, only k test supported.
Run all tests Ctrl-R-A Start emacs from the shell
Run last tests Ctrl-R-L to get the PATH set up correctly
Find file in project Ctrl-, or Ctrl-P
Format Document Ctrl-K,D
Comment block or line Ctrl-K,C
Go to line number Ctrl-G
Duplicate line or region Ctrl-D
Open current file in Directory Listing Ctrl-Alt-L
Toggle directory view F7
Full screen mode Alt-Shift-Enter or Cmd-F
Jump to word Cmd-J Then first character of the word
Incremental search Ctrl-I, F3 to repeat Or Ctrl-S, and press again to repeat
Switch to previous buffer Ctrl-Tab
Expand selection Ctrl-Alt-Left
Contract selection Ctrl-Alt-Right
Find in files (incrementally!) Ctrl-Shift-F Requires ag
Navigate split windows Alt- ← ↑ ↓ →
Navigate up to previous definition Cmd-Shift-up
Navigate down to next definition Cmd-Shift-down
Save file Cmd-S
Quit Cmd-Q


Type abbreviation followed by tab key to complete. Press tab again to move between snippet placeholders.

Abbreviation Expands to
class Class with name from file
ctor Constructor with name generated from filename
cw Console.WriteLine
else else
elif else if { .. Condition .. }
for for
foreach foreach
if If
namespace Namespace from folder name
private private method
prop Public property
public public method
tcf Try Catch Finally
test NUnit test method
tf NUnit test fixture
while while