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Visual studio code extension with some tools for bookdown
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Visual Studio Code Extension for Bookdown

This extension provides a few amenities for writing with bookdown, such as snippets, highlighting, rendering commands, and auto-completion of cross-references.


This extension requires R and the bookdown package.

By default, the extension will assume that the R binary is in the system path and can be launched either by R.exe on windows or R on Mac/Linux. If this isn't the case, then the path to the R binary can be specified in the Bookdown.R configuration.


Code Snippets

A list of snippets is in ./snippets/bookdown.json. Typing the prefix will typically cause the snippet suggestion to appear. If not, hit Ctrl + Space to trigger it and Tab to cycle through the different fields.

Example of equation snippet

Example of markdown figure snippet

  • R code chunks
    • Highlighting and snippets inside the codeblock are provided by the R extension

Example of R code chunk snippet

Intellisense autocompletion for cross-references

Cross-references should show up when typing \@ref() or through the \@ snippet. If it doesn't show up, then try Ctrl + Space to make the suggestion window pop up.

Example of intellisense for cross-referencing

Book rendering

A couple of commands are included for rendering a book. These commands will spawn a new terminal as well, which can be used to monitor the output from R.

Tools for serving the book

  • Bookdown.ServeBook will call bookdown::serve_book('.') in R, and the book should show up in a new browser window. The browser will update whenever the book is edited/saved in vscode.
  • Bookdown.CloseBookServer will close the book server but the R terminal will still keep running.
  • Bookdown.CloseTerminal will close the R terminal.

Tools for rendering the book

The three commands are Bookdown.RenderGitbook, Bookdown.RenderPDFbook, and Bookdown.RenderCustom. The options for these commands are mentioned in the Configuration section below.


  • Bookdown.R
    • Type: String, path to R binary, default: ""
    • Function: This is needed to launch R and to use the bookdown package. If it is left blank, then the extension will try to use either R.exe or R in the terminal to launch R.
  • Bookdown.ShowTerminal
    • Type: Boolean, default: false
    • Function: If set to true, the terminal will be brought into focus whenever a command is sent to R
  • Bookdown.ShowLog
    • Type: Boolean, default: false
    • Function: If set to true, the extensions log will appear in the output panel for debugging
  • Bookdown.UseRmdFilesYAML
    • Type: Boolean, default: false
    • Function: If false, intellisense will only suggest cross-references that are in the working document. If this config is set to true, then the extension will look in _bookdown.yml for the rmd_files entry and cross-references from all of those files will be shown by intellisense.
  • Bookdown.Opts.Gitbook
    • Type: String, default: 'index.Rmd','bookdown::gitbook'
    • Function: This will be used as the input argument to bookdown::render_book() when rendering a gitbook.
  • Bookdown.Opts.PDFbook
    • Type: String, default: 'index.Rmd','bookdown::pdfbook'
    • Function: This will be used as the input argument to bookdown::render_book() when rendering a pdfbook.
  • Bookdown.Opts.Custom
    • Type: Array
    • Function: This allows any arbitrary output as long as it is supported by bookdown.
    • The default configuration includes settings for an HTML and DOCX document output
            "name": "HTML Book",
            "opts": "'index.Rmd','bookdown::html_document2'"
            "name": "DOCX Book",
            "opts": "'index.Rmd','bookdown::word_document2'"


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