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Extremely hacked together demo of Marzipan + React Native
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Here's a proof-of-concept that React Native can work* (*lol) under Marzipan.

But, like, it's proof that we don't need Electron, right? 💪

Running Marzipan

Check out biscuitehh/MarzipanPlatter for a nice guide on getting Marzipan running.

It's Reasonably Good

It's surprising how well it's working. Besides the obvious mobile-specific things, it's running abouuuut as well as tvOS builds of React Native.

I wouldn't recommend using it. Ever. C'mon now.

How It Looks

I have some screenshots* of the RNTester sample application from React Native.

(*photos, lols. My UI server dies hard the second my Touchbar becomes active, which my screenshot shortcut does. Ehhh)

This Repo

I've committed everything. EVERYTHING. node_modules, especially, because that's where the bulk of the changes were.

How to run

  • Follow all the MarzipanPlatter instructions first
  • Install node if you don't have it yet (brew install node)
  • Open the Xcode project, run the MarzipantsMacSwift target, and you too have an unstable UI server and a poorly rendered app!
  • If the app fails to compile, try building the ReactMac scheme first, and only then MarzipantsMacSwift
  • Instead of running from Xcode directly, you can build the app from Xcode, and then:
  • Run react-native server: npm install -g react-native; react-native start
  • Find in Xcode the built app (in Products group, find -> Open in Finder), copy path to it
  • Run the built app via CLI: CFMZEnabled=1 open
  • If you open some screen you shouldn't have and you keep getting the red screen at launch, delete ~/Library/Containers/com.notjosh.MarzipantsMacSwift
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