Automatically updated, moderated and optimized lists for blocking ads, trackers and other online garbage
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No more ads, tracking and other virtual garbage

This repository provides a host and domainname based blocklist specifically designed for use with dnsmasq. Most entries are gathered from multiple, actively maintained sources and automatically updated, cleaned, optimized and moderated on a daily basis.

The optimizer makes full use of dnsmasqs capability to block entire domains such as * (domains.txt). This reduces the chance of missing any new subdomains and significantly reduces the size of the blocklists. Hostnames that cannot be blocked on a domain level will still be listed in a regular hostname based blocklist (hostnames.txt).

It's important to use both these blocklists simultaniously to get full coverage against the contaminated parts of the internet.

General policies

  • Should not break useful websites or apps
  • Blocks tracking servers
  • Blocks advertising servers
  • Blocks analytics servers
  • Blocks fake websites
  • Blocks malware servers

Public lists that are used as source

Domain and hostname lists

Adblock Plus lists (only full hostname, non-3rd party filters)

How to install

For a pi-hole setup

Unfortunately pi-hole currently does not provide an easy way to use dnsmasqs 'conf-file' feature, making the key feature of this blocklist (blocking domains) useless, see this post for more info. At this moment it is recommended to set up you own dnsmasq configuration to make full use of these blocklists.

For any other dnsmasq setup

  • Download the following two files
  • Add the following lines to your dnsmasq.conf
  • Restart dnsmasq sudo service dnsmasq restart