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No more ads, tracking and other virtual garbage

The NoTracking blocklist is a DNS based filter list for blocking ads, malware, phising and other online garbage.

General blocklist policies

  • Should not break useful and commonly used services
  • Blocks tracking servers
  • Blocks advertising servers
  • Blocks analytics servers
  • Blocks scam websites
  • Blocks malware servers
  • Blocks webminers
  • Blocks phishing servers


The optimizer makes full use of domainname based wildcard filtering *, this reduces the chance of missing any new subdomains and significantly reduces the size of the blocklists.

Dead hosts removal

All hostnames are constantly monitored for updates. In case the A, AAAA, CNAME and NS records return NXDOMAIN they will be marked as dead and removed. Domains are tested on their whois data and removed if they have been unregistered for a certain time.

The current list of dead hostnames can be found here and have a look here for all unregistered domains.


Most sources come from public hostfile type lists, though several AdblockPlus lists are also included only for their non-3rd party networking filters ||^. See for the full overview of all included lists.


List Compatibility
dnsmasq/dnsmasq.blacklist.txt Dnsmasq
adblock/adblock.txt Adguard Home, uBlock Origin
dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-proxy.blacklist.txt Dnscrypt-proxy
unbound/unbound.blacklist.conf Unbound
hostnames.txt & domains.txt Dnsmasq (version < 2.80 only, use both files)

How to install

Supporting Notracking blocklist

If you are intrested in supporting the project you can:

  • Submit false positives
  • Donate with Paypal
  • Donate Bitcoin: 37VkbtMDgxCiHaCSS4PNPDo2z5AwM8grB2
  • Donate Ethereum: 0xaf446938cd43de5a267e9596a40be55a86f6b4a8