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No more ads, tracking and other virtual garbage

This repository provides a host and domainname based blocklist specifically designed for use with dnsmasq. Most entries are gathered from multiple, actively maintained sources and automatically updated, cleaned, optimized and moderated on a daily basis. The blocklists support both ipv4 and ipv6.

The optimizer makes full use of dnsmasqs capability to block entire domains such as *.doubleclick.net (domains.txt). This reduces the chance of missing any new subdomains and significantly reduces the size of the blocklists. Hostnames that cannot be blocked on a domain level will still be listed in a regular hostname based blocklist (hostnames.txt).

It's important to use both domains.txt and hostnames.txt simultaniously in dnsmasq to get full coverage!

General policies

  • Should not break useful websites or apps
  • Blocks tracking servers
  • Blocks advertising servers
  • Blocks analytics servers
  • Blocks fake websites
  • Blocks malware servers
  • Blocks webminers

How to install

Default dnsmasq setup

  • Download the following two files (or use a daily cronjob to do it automatically)
  • Add the following lines to your dnsmasq.conf
  • Restart dnsmasq sudo service dnsmasq restart

For a Pi-hole setup

Because Pi-hole does not fully support loading of dnsmasq domain filters (details here), you should add your own .conf file in /etc/dnsmasq.d/. This way you can still use our blocklists with Pi-hole, but updating has to be done by an external daily cronjob. It's also recommended to remove all default Pi-hole lists, since these are already included in our list in a more efficient manner.

  • Add the following lines to /etc/dnsmasq.d/99-pihole-custom-lists.conf (example filename)
  • (Optional, but recommended) Remove the default Pi-hole lists in /etc/pihole/adlists.list
  • Update Pi-hole pihole -g


Domain and hostname lists

Adblock Plus lists (only full hostname, non-3rd party filters)

Lists that will NOT be included