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Novels Project Corpus

This repository contains all data relevant to the Novels Project. It is under version control so all changes are recorded.

  • Each directory in volumes/ corresponds to a volume. The directory name is unimportant, the file metadata.json in each directory describes the relationship between the volume and a work.
  • The canonical identifiers for bibliographic records ("novels project identifiers") of works (not volumes) are available in a separate repository: novels-project/identifiers.


Work metadata, volume metadata, and plaintext are exposed via a simple read-only REST server. This server can be run with the following command (Python 3.4 and aiohttp required):


The API has two endpoints:

  • /work (metadata for all works)
  • /work/<id>
  • /text/<sha1>

For example, the novel Glenarvon has id 1235 and metadata concerning it and a list of associated volumes may be retrieved with:


As the plaintext of an edition of this novel is available, a list of associated texts and their SHA-1 hashes is given in the response. The plain text version of the third volume has hash 40d2491e07dd2f1c71413b65bc551804cb93b0f3 and may be retrieved with:

curl -s

That's all there is!


The vast majority of records in works.csv are from the two volumes edited by Garside, Raven, and Schöwerling. There are a handful of additions as well as some placeholders where data has only been partially entered.

The following fields shall uniquely identify a record:

  • id
  • source and source_id


Each directory shall contain two files:

  • metadata.json
  • a text file with the extension .txt

The SHA1 of the text file is stored in metadata.json.


Metadata is associated with each volume that links it to a work. metadata.json contains a JSON-encoded dictionary which shall conform to the following schema:

  • work_id the work with which this volume is associated
  • internet_archive_id Internet Archive id (e.g., glenarvon01lambc)
  • volume integer
  • volume_count integer (volume_count must be greater than or equal to volume)
  • date_created %Y-%m-%d of metadata creation
  • date_updated %Y-%m-%d of last metadata update
  • sha1 hex-encoded SHA1 of the text file in the directory
  • extra_info (optionally empty) dictionary of non-essential information

The following fields uniquely identify a record: work_id and volume

The text used is the best available facsimile of the original edition referenced in works.csv. The text may be derived from a subsequent edition (e.g., the second edition) if the subsequent edition is the only one available or if the scan is of considerably higher quality.


A plaintext version of each volume is available. This text is typically the plaintext derived from Optical Character Recogntion (OCR), trimmed of OCR'd library stamps and other extraneous material which occurs at the beginning and ending of the scan. In recognition that this trimming process is not easily reproducible, patches will be provided in a future version that specifies how to produce the version contained in the repository from the original OCR.

In other cases, particularly when the scan is of very low quality, the plaintext version may be derived from another source, including manual entry. All these cases are recorded in metadata.json.

Non-free Volumes

The nonfree directory contains volumes and associated plaintexts that are not available on the Internet Archive. The metadata.json conforms to a schema identical to the one described above but internet_archive_identifier is replaced by nonfree_identifier.

If the original source of a plaintext is HTML, a plaintext version is generated using html2text version 1.3.2a.


  • Validate all metadata.json files using JSON Schema.


Gathering digitizations of novels published between 1770 and 1915.







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