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How to setup this XCompose configuration

Delegate a key to XCompose, a.k.a. the Multi_key.
I have these lines in my ~/.Xmodmap:

  keycode 108 = Multi_key
  clear mod1
  add mod1 = Alt_L

Optionally you can have a look and modify the mappings in
NP/Unicode.hs new symbols or change shortcuts.

Then, generate the .XCompose file with genXCompose.sh.
This script automatically links the generated .XCompose file
to your $HOME.

Moreover if you want it to be run automatically you could
have a look at 'mr' http://joeyh.name/code/mr/ and setup
a fixups hook:

  checkout = git clone git@github.com:np/xcompose.git .XCompose.d
  fixups = ./genXCompose.sh