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Archipelago is an open-source terminal emulator built on web technology.
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Archipelago is inspired by Hyper. I started using Hyper as my default terminal while it was in beta and into v1. It was by far the coolest, best looking, minimal, and extensible terminal emulator I had used. But, I found it to be really slow, to the point where if I was going to run a command that I knew would have a lot of output, I would opt for using a different terminal. Along with that, occasionally buffers would overlap making the terminal unreadable and force me to restart.

At the time Hyper was using Hterm which was the culprit of all my issues, so I found the Xterm.js project which solved all these problems and I started making Archipelago.


Get Archipelago


Use Homebrew Cask to download the app by running the following

❯ brew install --cask archipelago




Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub.


Regardless of the platform you are working on, you will need to have Yarn installed. If you have never installed Yarn before, you can find out how here.

Clone the repo then run cd archipelago/WebView; bun install in your console. Then open the app in Xcode.


  • Create archive in Xcode with new version
  • Export notarized app to dist/
  • Create release in GitHub for new version
  • create zip file (ditto -c -k --keepParent dist/ dist/


Archipelago is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.