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bash script for generating openFrameworks projects for Visual Studio Code on Linux
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bash script for generating VSCode openFrameworks project with enabled intellisense, tested on:

  • Debian 9
  • openFrameworks 0.10.0 gcc6
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code IDE 1.27.2

additional requirements are GNU Global and clang, the first for generating the tags, and the second for some static analysis on debugging:

    sudo apt-get install global clang

install visual studio code

For working with oF and VSCode:

  • you have to install the .deb package for VSCode, download it and then run sudo dpkg -i code_*.
  • in the editor you have to install some extensions. You can do it in the extension section of the sidebar, press Ctrl+Shift+X to open it, then search C/C++ by Microsoft and C++ Intellisense by austin, and install them.

In the preference I recommend enabling `Files: Insert Final Newline' (as all the text/code files in linux should be terminated by a newline) and disabling Telemetry options to avoid sending data to Microsoft ( thanks for the software but still i would prefer not to ).

You can use VSCode with the code command. For correctly opening an oF project you have to open the workspace file, so you can do

   code ~/path/to/your/app.code-workspace

to compile and run a project from VSCode, press Ctrl+Shift+B. installation

(will ask for sudo password)

    git clone
    cd of_vscode

If you move the folder of after installing it you have to run the installation again.

usage ~/path/to/your/app


   cd ~/path/to/your/app

will generate a project for your app.

custom addon include paths

The script will try to automatically adds all the paths in the src and libs folders of the addon, if present. If an addon include headers outside its folder probably is a better idea to write a .paths file with a list of paths to include for that specific addon. This file has to be put in the paths folder in the repostitory. The included .paths files will give you some clear examples on how to do it. Also pull request for .paths files are really appreciated!

custom install

Optionally you can install it with:

sh /absolute/path/to/oF/directory

If you don't give the absolute path to your oF directory, it defaults to a relative path three folder above the app folder.


This project was ispired by Roberto Fazio VS Code / oF example, that motivated me to try to switch from Geany to VS Code.

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