cross compatible GL/GLES shaders to be tweaked in realtime
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ofxDotFrag is a collection of ready to use post processing / glitch shaders with this goals:

  • Process and renders to ofFbos.
  • Cross compatible, works both on openGL and openGL ES
  • Fast to use API ( higher level than just using ofShader )
  • Shaders made to be used/tweaked in realtime performances
  • Easy to write new shader classes

At the moment the shader selection includes:

  • Hue/Saturation/Brightness/Contrast
  • ThreeTones
  • Delay
  • EchoTrace
  • InvertStrobe
  • Mirror
  • MirrorAxis
  • Turbolence
  • FXAA
  • Twist
  • RadialRemap and an ofx::dotfrag::Live class for live coding.

This project is somewhere between alpha and beta state now, but it is stable enough to be used in projects, just the api could change a bit in the future. I will add more shaders depending on the projects i'm working on at the moment. Every contribution is also welcome, it's easy to understand how to implement new shaders by looking at the included ones.