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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ To install npm, do this:
mkdir npm
curl -L | tar xz --strip 1 -C npm
- node npm/install-npm.js
+ make
If it dies with a "Permission Denied" or EACCESS error, then that probably
means that you are running node in a shared root-owned location. In that
@@ -23,14 +23,22 @@ options. See npm-config(1)
First, get the code. Maybe use git for this. That'd be cool. Very fancy.
-Once you have the code, run this thing, just like the simple install:
+The default make target is `install-stable`, which downloads the current stable
+version of npm, and installs that for you.
- node install-npm.js
+If you want to install the exact code that you're looking at, the bleeding-edge
+master branch, do this:
+ make install
If you'd prefer to just symlink in the current code so you can hack
on it, you can do this:
- npm link .
+ make link
+If you check out the Makefile, you'll see that these are just running npm commands
+at the cli.js script directly. You can also use npm without ever installing
+it by using `./cli.js` instead of "npm".
## A note about password security

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