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swagger is great tool to describe your restful api in a clear and structured way. But as the spec gets longer and longer it could be sometimes useful to zoom out and look at your api from 10,000 feet.

pikturr is a very simple tool to transform your swagger api spec into a simple uml class diagram.


I'm new to the javascript and node party. So please be patient and do not expect the ultra efficient javascript ninja code. I find a visual representation of an api spec useful and I want to learn js and I wrote this tool. It's as simple as that.


Because pikturr makes use of node-plantuml, which in turn makes use of...ehhh...plantuml, you have to fulfill some preconditions:

  • you need to have the java executable in your path
  • you must have graphviz installed
  • the GRAPHVIZ_DOT environment variable must point the dot executable of graphviz

That's it for now.

Just get the code, look inside and you'll find out.

From the command line:

cd pikturr
npm install
// supply the url of the swagger as an argument
node index.js ''

Pikturr supports a few command line arguments:
node index.js [-o|--output outputFilePath] [-u|--uml] url-or-filePath


  • node index.js -o someDir/petstore-swagger.plantuml --uml
    Download the spec at:
    and output uml script in a file named: someDir/petstore-swagger.plantuml

  • node index.js test/my-app-swagger.yaml
    Read spec from local file at: test/my-app-swagger.yaml
    and output png diagram in a file named: swagger.png

If the -o or --output flag is not passed, the output file will be created in the working directory, and will be named from the last token in the input reference.

If the -u or --uml flag is passed a plantuml script will be generated,
else a png diagram will be generated.

As a module:

const pikturr = require(pikturr)

class diagram for the pet store api

Running Unit Tests

To run the test suite issue the following command:
npm test

Feel free to extend the tests suite.

What next?

  • re-structure code to meet nodejs project structure standards
  • add some tests
  • provide a rest api
  • provide a simple web frontend
  • provide some configurable options


Simple tool to turn a swagger api spec into a uml class diagram.




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