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TypeScript Backbone Require jQuery - HTML App Boilerplate

This is a boilerplate app for using backbonejs, requirejs, and jQuery with TypeScript. Here are the steps I performed to get this project working.

  1. Download Visual Studio 2012 (I downloaded the premium release version, not sure if these instruction will work with express, RC , or Beta. Let me know if it does!)
  2. Install the visual studio add-in for TypeScript here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=34790
  3. If your using git then clone my project: git clone https://github.com/ntheile/TypeScript-Backbone-Require-Boilerplate.git
  4. *Note: I had to turn off VS2012 from compiling my code because I needed to to compile as AMD.
    • right click the .ts file
    • goto properties > build action > change to "none"
  5. Now compile each manually using the commands in compile-notes.txt. Example> tsc app.ts --module AMD
    • *Hint: Run the commands from the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio to avoid having to switch out to a DOS prompt

The Build Script

It's a pain to manually compile each ts file to use AMD so I wrote this batch script that you can configure to run at build time.


"TypeScript is compiling as AMD using TscAmdCompile.bat"
cd D:\Websites\TypeScript-Backbone-Require-Boilerplate\TypeScriptTest\js
tsc.exe app.ts --module AMD
cd models
tsc.exe Todo.ts --module AMD

To configure this to run at build time: right click project > properties > build events > pre-build event command line > D:\Websites\TypeScript-Backbone-Require-Boilerplate\TypeScriptTest\TscAmdCompile.bat

Make sure to keep the TscAmdCompile.bat file up to date when you add new .ts files.

You can ignore this build output message "'n++"TypeScript is compiling as AMD using TscAmdCompile.bat"' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." I am not sure why VS inputs those weird characters, so the first line of the bat file is a dummy line