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TwitPic Fetcher
Since the arrival of Google+, I wanted to get my pictures (2 years worth of simple snaps) from twitpic, and import them into Google+. Sadly, there was no easy way to export the images to zip or other format, so I took matters in my own hands, and decided to create a script that fetches my twitpic and saves them to filestorage.

a few images
I had a total of 172 pictures on twitpic that needed to be downloaded individualy to my harddisk. Not a gigantic ammount, but still, it would take a lot of patience from me to fetch them one by one. That's something I don't have, so I started to research options to run them parallel.

hi gearman ;]
I found gearman! A job queue server, that handles jobs using workers. Installing it was easy (followed lorna's guide at http://www.lornajane.net/posts/2011/Installing-Gearman-for-PHP-and-Ubuntu thanks!) and soon I was expirimenting, using the docs and guides online. The result?

172 images in 40 seconds
That is 180 external HTTP calls (including the paging the Twitpic api uses) in 40 seconds, or 4.5 calls / second. Not bad!

meh, it's still slow
I know right?! I will try to update the code and add improvements over the course of time. Fixes / additions are welcome!