Machine Discovery and Social Network Mining Laboratory, National Taiwan University

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  1. AttriRank

    AttriRank - Unsupervised Ranking using Graph Structures and Node Attributes

    Python 15 2

  2. TimeAwareWeightedPageRank

    Time-Aware Weighted PageRank: phase 1 rank-4 method in WSDM Cup Challenge 2016

    C++ 2

  3. PRUNE

    PRUNE: Preserving Proximity and Global Ranking for Network Embedding

    Python 34 8

  4. Rec-Sys-Survey

    Experiment codes for "Review of Attribute-Aware Collaborative Filtering Based Recommender Systems"

    Python 1

  5. DistributedTimeSeriesKNNDTW

    Bandwidth-Efficient Distributed k-Nearest-Neighbor Search with Dynamic Time Warping


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