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Python Meta Programming
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A Pure Python module containing a framework to manipulate and analyze python ast's and bytecode.


This shows how to take python source to a code object and back again from within python:

import meta, ast
source = '''
a = 1
b = 2
c = (a ** b)

mod = ast.parse(source, '<nofile>', 'exec')
code = compile(mod, '<nofile>', 'exec')

mod2 = meta.decompile(code)
source2 = meta.dump_python_source(mod2)

assert source == source2

This shows the depyc script. The script compiles itself, and then the compiled script extracts itself:

DEPYC_FILE=`python -c"import meta.scripts.depyc; print meta.scripts.depyc.__file__"`
depyc $DEPYC_FILE --pyc > depycX.pyc
python -m depycX depycX.pyc --python >


  • Meta is python3 compliant (mostly)


  • The decompliler does not yet support complex list/set/dict - comprehensions


python -m unittest discover meta

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