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Welcome to the Numenta Anomaly Benchmark (NAB) wiki! Below are some documents to help you dive into NAB. Please also take a look at our open access journal paper on NAB and streaming anomaly detection and the original ICMLA conference publication on NAB.

NAB Whitepaper

An in-depth guide to everything NAB:

  • NAB scoring details -- scoring metrics, function, profiles, etc.
  • NAB phases/process
  • Ground truth anomaly labels
  • Glossary of NAB terms
[Reporting results with NAB](Reporting results with NAB)

Guidelines on how to report your NAB results

[NAB Entry Points](NAB Entry Points)

How to run NAB on a custom algorithm or detector

  • [Example with Twitter algorithm](Twitter Anomaly Detector)
  • Diagram
[NAB Contributions Criteria](NAB Contributions Criteria)

Details on contributing data, algorithms, code, or suggestions to NAB.

Anomaly Labeling Instructions

How to hand label raw time-series data for anomalies

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