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Examples and demos showing how to call functions from the NAG Library for Python
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Examples using the NAG Library for Python

This repository contains examples and demonstrations using the NAG Library for Python. The NAG Library for Python contains 1700+ functions spanning many areas of numerical computing and data science.

Designed to work alongside the open source Python packages, Numpy and Scipy, The NAG Library for Python can augment your computational workflow in many areas.

Directory of GitHub examples

Examples that ship with the product

In addition to those presented here, The NAG Library for Python ships with a set of usage examples. To see them all, run the following command

python -m naginterfaces.library.examples --locate

NAG library for Python installation

The NAG library for Python comes in two versions. One is linked to the Intel MKL for improved linear algebra performance on x86 architectures and the other is linked to NAG's self contained linear algebra libraries.

When using Intel or AMD CPUs we recommend the use of the Intel MKL version of the NAG Library for Python.

Install using the following command

python -m pip install --extra-index-url naginterfaces

Obtaining a license

Before you can use the NAG Library for Python, you'll need a license. Free trial licenses are available!

Run the following command to begin the licensing process and email if you have any problems.

# This will launch a license request GUI on windows
# On Mac and Linux, it gives the information you need to send to to request a trial license
python -m naginterfaces.kusari

Official documentation links

The following links take you to the relevant section in the official documentation

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