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Use Tinytest to test your Meteor app, just like you would a package.

If you would like to use Tinytest with your app but without Velocity, see my numtel:tinytest-in-app package.


This package has been removed from Atmosphere due to breaking changes in Velocity's API.

The tinytest package is included automatically.

Quick start

  1. Add a test to a .js or .coffee file inside tests/tinytest

    Tinytest.add('test title', function(test){
      test.equal(true, true);
  2. To view the results, install the Velocity HTML Reporter:

    $ meteor add velocity:html-reporter

Tinytest documentation

Since there is no official documentation for Tinytest, it may be helpful to have some here.

Test titles can be any string. Use a separator of " - " to define sections.

Test Syntax:

// Synchronous test
Tinytest.add('test title', function(test){
  test.equal(true, true);

// Asynchronous test
Tinytest.addAsync('async test title', function(test, onComplete){
    test.equal(true, true);
  }, 1000);


test.isFalse(v, msg) // if (!v)
test.isTrue(v, msg) // if(v)
test.equal(actual, expected, message)
test.notEqual(actual, expected, message)
test.length(obj, len, msg)
test.include(s, v) // s = string or object
test.isNaN(v, msg)
test.isUndefined(v, msg)
test.isNotNull(v, msg)
test.isNull(v, msg)

// expected can be:
//  undefined: accept any exception.
//  string: pass if the string is a substring of the exception message.
//  regexp: pass if the exception message passes the regexp.
//  function: call the function as a predicate with the exception.
test.throws(func, expected)

test.instanceOf(obj, klass)

test.runId() // Unique id for this test run

// Call this to fail the test with an exception. Use this to record
// exceptions that occur inside asynchronous callbacks in tests.
// It should only be used with asynchronous tests, and if you call
// this function, you should make sure that (1) the test doesn't
// call its callback (onComplete function); (2) the test function
// doesn't directly raise an exception.


Related packages


  • Make tests post results one at a time as they come in instead of in big groups after each location (Server/Client)