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Releases: nunit-legacy/nunitv2

NUnit 2.7.1

19 Aug 14:35
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The primary purpose of this release is to add an ID filter to the set of filters supported by NUnit V2. This filter type is not used by any of the V2 runners and is intended for use by the V2 driver used when running V2 tests under NUnit 3 using the TestCentric GUI runner, which requires this type of filter.

One pending bug fix is also included. See the release notes at

NUnit 2.7.0

10 Aug 16:59
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Release 2.7.0 drops a number of NUnit programs that have not been supported for a while or are available elsewhere:

  • NUnit Mocks
  • pNUnit
  • NUnit Project editor (available as a separate project)

In addition, it adds a new nuget package NUnitV2.Core, which is for use in writing runners for V2 tests, and fixes a bug in the loading of test assemblies.

NUnit 2.6.7

07 Jul 05:45
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The principal focus of this release is to make the compatibility report work when run against older versions of the framework. Rather than causing an error, the report is now degraded gracefully so that only issues detected by the test runner are shown. Additional issues are listed when the tests are rebuilt against NUnit 2.6.5 or greater.

NUnit 2.6.6

04 May 00:49
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This is an incremental improvement on NUnit 2.6.5, mostly focused on improving the build, which is now Cake-based. A single new NUnit 3 compatibility warning was added as well.

See release notes or download at

NUnit 2.6.5

20 Apr 03:18
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This is the first release of NUnit under the NUnit Legacy project. It primarily aims at providing features that will assist users in making their tests more compatible with NUnit 3.

For details about the release, see the release notes at