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Full Featured iOS & Android PWA Apps with Nuxt.js and Framework7

Nuxt7 integrates universal nuxt.js applications with Framework7-Vue to rapidly create efficient and feature-reach PWA mobile applications with help of pwa-module. Production builds can be statically hosted or running offline.

πŸ“– Release Notes

✨ Features

  • Fully compatible with Framework7 5.x
  • Development mode with hot reloading
  • Optimized production builds suitable for 100% static hosting
  • Fully PWA compatible out of the box
  • Page based router for Framework7
  • Use vuex store in your apps
  • Familiar nuxt.js development experience with a super easy learning curve

βš”οΈ Quick Start

Use the command below to create a new app using starter template:

npx sao@1 -u nuxt-community/nuxt7 nuxt7-app

▢️ Examples

To locally run each example:

  • Clone this repository
  • Install dependencies using yarn install
  • Run examples in development mode using yarn examples/[example name]
  • Navigate to http://localhost:3000

πŸ”§ Module options

Add options in framework7 section inside nuxt.config.js file.


  • Type: Object


app: {
  theme: 'auto'

Framework7 constructor params. See App Component and App Docs for all available parameters.


  • Type: Object


main: {
    main: true,
    pushState: true

Props passed to the main <f7-view>. See View Component docs for more info.


  • Type: String
  • Default: history

Router mode. Can be hash or history.

The history mode enables SEO friendly routes by setting main.pushStateSeparator value to ''.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Invert navigation bars to fill style.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Disable context menu with long touch. (Recommanded to enable disableSelect too)


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Disable selection/copy in UIWebView. (Useful to use with disableContextMenu)


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

Enable RTL Layout.


  • Type: string
  • Default: #007aff (Dodger Blue)

Primary app color.


  • Type: array
  • Default: `['ios', 'md']


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Enable darkTheme support.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Enable lightTheme support.


App colors.


Enabled components. (only used for .less imports)


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true

Include Framework7 styles.


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true

Include Nuxt7 custom styles.


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true

nclude Framework7 Icons (IOS).


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true

Include MD Icons (Android).


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true

Routes are auto generated using pages directory structure. However if you need to make more customization (Like adding routable tabs) this option may be used.

Example: (nuxt.config.js)

framework7: {
    routes: {
      'tabs-routable': {
        tabs: [
          { path: "/", id: "tab1" },
          { path: "/tab2/", id: "tab2" },
          { path: "/tab3/", id: "tab3" },

Please see examples/routable-tabs for a working example.

πŸ€” Common Questions

Can i use this module for my existing nuxt project?

No. It is highly recommanded to use a standalone project for mobile app.

Why asyncData/middleware is not working?

Framework7Vue has it's own router. You can define state in data() and use async mounted to fill the state.

Middleware also don't work. You can use nuxt plugins instead. (ServerMiddleware are supported in server mode)

How to deploy?

Nuxt7 is designed to make a fully functional PWA app. Users can install app using "Add to Homescreen".

  • Use nuxt generate to make a static version
  • Deploy it on your own server or use free services, now or netlify or surge

How to make sidepanel working?

The default layout can do the trick. See kitchen-sink/layouts/default.vue for an example.

How to create default 404 route?

Create pages/default.vue file. It will be used as fallback route.

🍳 Development

# Fork and clone

# Install dependencies
yarn install

# Start development server (kitchen sink)
yarn dev


MIT - Nuxt Community - Pooya Parsa