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SVG Sprite Module

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Optimized and Easy way to use SVG files in Nuxt

Sprites help increase speed, maintain a consistent development workflow, and make the creation of icons much faster. SVG sprites are typically created using icons of a similar shape or form whereas larger scale graphics are one-off applications.


⚠️ NOTE: SVG Sprites does not work on IE, if you wish to support IE you could use svg4everybody. Take a look at this issue to see how.

🌈 NOTE: If you wish to load single SVG icon and you don't want to create sprites, use Nuxt SVG Module. SVG module for Nuxt.js, allows you to import .svg files in multiple ways depending on the resource query you provide.


yarn add @nuxtjs/svg-sprite
# or
npm i @nuxtjs/svg-sprite


Add @nuxtjs/svg-sprite to modules section of nuxt.config:

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: [
  svgSprite: {
    // manipulate module options

Place your svg files in ~/assets/sprite/svg/, say sample.svg and use your image with globally registered svg-icon component:

<svg-icon name="sample" />

To create different sprites, create custom directory inside ~/assets/sprite/svg/ and put your svg files inside it and place directory tile before icon name (example: ~/assets/sprite/svg/my-sprite/my-image.svg):

<svg-icon name="my-sprite/my-image" />

Module create a page that list all of icons for you, by default you can see this page in /_icons path.
Note: This page creates in dev mode, So you can't see it in production.


Module default options:

Option Default Description
input ~/assets/sprite/svg Directory of original svg files
output ~/assets/sprite/gen Directory to store generated sprites
defaultSprite icons Name of default sprite (default sprite consist of all svgs that place directly inside input directory)
elementClass icon global class of all <svg-icon> instances
spriteClassPrefix sprite- Prefix of sprite specific classes
publicPath null Specifies a custom public path for the sprites
iconsPath _icons Custom path for icons list page (In order to disable this page, pass false or null to this option)
svgoConfig null Custom config object for SVGO, How to customize SVGO config

You can update them with the svgSprite option in nuxt.config:

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ['@nuxtjs/svg-sprite'],
  svgSprite: {
    input: '~/assets/svg/'


Prop Description
name icon path with format SPRITE_NAME/ICON_NAME, SPRITE_NAME can be omitted for default sprite
title Accessibility title for icon, this props will transform to <title> tag inside <svg>
desc Accessibility description for icon, this props will transform to <desc> tag inside <svg>



This module provides a story to list and search available icons of your project. You can see stories under stories directory. If you are using @nuxtjs/storybook you can see the SvgSprites stories under Modules section in your storybook. Sprites will show in your Storybook, unless you disable/hide the story using Storybook's modules option


  • Clone this repository
  • Install dependencies using yarn install or npm install
  • Start development server using npm run dev

You can also contribute directly with CodeSandBox:


MIT License Copyright (c) Nuxt Community - Ahad Birang