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Reported by janusz on 2011-07-07 15:47
Dear core developers of NVDA, I AM very sorry, that i have described this new feature wrong on my previous report. Now, i would like to describe it much more better. Please, try to think about The method, which would enable user to get information about The background colour of The specific Column in Microsoft Excel. To speed up The NVDA feetback, this script would be executed by using a special shortcut. So user would get notified about The background colour of The cell of Microsoft Excel table. DO You think, that Excel object model can provide this information? Can be this information reached by using Comtypes? Or it is necessary to use display hooks do get The background colour information? In The latest development version, colours are even announced by using object navigation mode, not in Excel, but while using object navigation keys in other applications. If this is inpossible without using display chaining manager standard implemented by Microsoft, please let me know. Detection of background colour of The specific column in Microsoft Excel is very important task.

Comment 1 by jteh on 2011-07-08 03:13
Changed title from "NVDA should anounce The background colour of The column in Microsoft Excel" to "Retrieve color in Microsoft Excel"

Comment 2 by mdcurran on 2011-09-13 07:28
Implemented in bf1628b.
Milestone changed from None to 2011.3
State: closed

Comment 3 by kevinchao89 on 2011-09-13 10:19
Thanks! Confirmed fixed with: NVDA Snapshot Main-4675

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