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Reported by briang1 on 2010-02-26 14:38
In the messag rules dialogues on the tools menu of Outlook express one has the choice of various actions and conditions, also when rules are created, one can turn individual rules on and off here. These checkboxes seem to not be seen at all. You can use them but you need to remember what you did, which leads to errors. Obviously the keypresses are changing the state though. Apologies if another ticket exists, i searched but did not find anything relevant

Comment 1 by mdcurran on 2010-09-24 05:51
These sysListView32 lists do not use the standard way of exposing checkboxes, which should be an extended style of LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES and a state image of 1 (not checked) or 2 (checked).
Instead, these particular lists just use state images of 7 (not checked) and 8 (checked).
If we can work out a way to identify these lists (the rules list has a controlID of 129) then we can write a specific class which looks for state image 8 and exposes controlTypes.STATE_CHECKED for the states property.

Comment 2 by briang1 on 2010-09-24 09:28
This also applies to Windows Live mail message rules as well as Outlook Express.
I did not have Live mail when I originally raised the ticket, hence it was not in the main summary then.

Though ticket raised for an older version the problem is still current at 24/09/10
Changed title from "Outlook Express message rules checkboxes not seen by nvda" to "Outlook Express and Live mail message rules checkboxes not seen by nvda"

Comment 3 by mdcurran on 2010-09-24 10:12
Fixed in c921ec7.
Tested well with Windows Live Mail, but would like someone to confirm it really does work in Outlook Express.
If so, then I shal close as fixed.

Comment 4 by mdcurran on 2010-10-20 04:32
Pretty sure someone on email list did say it worked in Outlook Express. If not it can be reopened again.
State: closed

Comment 5 by jteh on 2010-10-20 05:22
Milestone changed from 2010.3 to 2010.2

Comment 6 by briang1 on 2010-10-21 09:48
OK, I can confirm that almost all of these checkboxes now work in both Live mail and Outlook express as expected. The only possible problem is as below.

Go to the rules, and select apply now. If you do this, you can either select any of the rules by presumably, checking the boxes, or the button select all. The checkboxes appear not to change state as far as nvda is concerned.

Its only a very minor point and unexpected as it appears these boxes must be different to the others!

State: reopened

Comment 7 by jteh on 2010-10-21 11:17
Milestone changed from 2010.2 to 2010.3

Comment 8 by mdcurran on 2010-11-24 06:57
I'm not really sure which list you mean. I'm also a bit confused why you say its a "miner point". If the selection doesn't read, isn't this bad? or do you mean people hardly ever use that particular list?
Milestone changed from 2011.1 to near-term

Comment 9 by briang1 on 2010-11-26 14:04
Right, I had to get some sighted person to explain this to me, so I knew I was not talking rubbish!
If, for example you create a couple of rules, then want to select one to apply now on a given folder, the default is inbox assuming we are talking mail rules here. Just like the other choices, a checkbox is against each rule, and you can check and uncheck it. However for some reason, the state of this is not announced by nvda, though the fact that it exists is. Thus pressing space does not toggle checked and unchecked as per the other parts of this system.
There is a button to select all, and even if you do that you come back and find they are just the same.

Apply now is in the tab loop, andits when you have to select rules to apply that this occurs.

Its not used a lot, as many rules are meant to work on the header sent first by the server and tell it to delete things on the server, so these rules cannot be applied on already received emails, hence its not often used as I say.
I just thought for completeness it could be made to work.

I do have some rules that move emails and act on the body which are used live, so to speak, hence me noticing it

Comment 10 by mdcurran on 2011-06-09 08:37
Hopefully now all completely fixed in 3787b17. The rules in the Apply now dialog are not those checkboxes, in fact they actually already support the selected state. Pressin space on one makes it either selected or not selected. Can it be varified that this works, and that the other checkboxes still work, and if so, we can close this ticket.

Comment 11 by briang1 on 2011-06-10 13:40
Yes, though I do not have the most up to date version of Live mail here, it certainly works more normally on all th checkboxes in both programs. As I say, it will need someone to try the latest flavour of Live mail to be absolutely sure.

Comment 12 by mdcurran on 2011-09-13 05:52
In Windows Live Mail 2011 the second lot of checkboxes (the ones that enable and disable the filters to apply) do not work like in Outlook Express (i.e. they do not set the selected state, and they don't have the same window class). Therefore NVDA says they're checkboxes when they're not and does not convey if they're selected. However, I'm at a dead end and I think we'll juat have to leave it. Unless someone can reserect the ticket with another solution.
Added labels: cantfix
State: closed

Comment 13 by mdcurran on 2011-09-13 05:53
Actually, closing as fixed as it was fixed for Outlook Express / Windows Mail / Windows Live Mail 2009. If someone really wants they can submit a new ticket for Live amil 2011.
Removed labels: cantfix
State: reopened

Comment 14 by mdcurran on 2011-09-13 05:53
Milestone changed from near-term to 2011.2
State: closed

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