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export POSIXLY_CORRECT considered harmful #289

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In e1ec57d this line was added:


And it probably fixed some issues in git-flow, but it causes breakages down the line. Specifically, when git-flow does git checkout, that can trigger post-checkout git hooks. Some people in Rubyland have hooks that integrate with some Ruby-specific tools, and have rbenv (written in bash) to manage them. Because rbenv uses a construct (process substitution) that's not posix-compatible, this environment variable causes it to fail.

This was discovered in rbenv/rbenv#222

In summary, because there might be other shell scripts down the line, git-flow should not mess up the environment for them. I propose either removing the export, or using the setting:

set -o posix

/cc @Thiana

@spikeheap spikeheap added a commit to spikeheap/gitflow that referenced this issue
@spikeheap spikeheap export POSIXLY_CORRECT considered harmful #289 3f1fc56
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