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Install Concourse and Pivotal PKS v1.* and PAS/PCF 2.1.x (also supported 2.0) with VMware NSX-T (Add-on) Tile for PCF and PKS 1.x Tile with Ops Mgr 2.x. NOTE: The tool and scripts doesn't install the full VMware NSX-T or automate creation of NSX-T Routers or Logical switches. Check the nsx-t-gen repo for details on automated install of NSX-T v2.1.

The tools in this repo only help in automating the install of Concourse, followed by install of Pivotal Ops Mr and PCF/PAS on VMware NSX-T managed network infrastructure. The Pivotal Cloud Foundry or Application service (PAS) would use NSX-T for the CNI implementation, instead of the default Silk as CNI.

Also supports installing PKS and Harbor v1.x Tiles with Pivotal Ops Mgr.


This pipeline is not supported or maintained going forward as of Oct 17th, 2018. This was a best-effort, unofficial, unsupported work at best. All development work has now stopped.

Kindly use the official Pivotal PCF Pipelines and the [PCF Automation toolkit] (

Installing Concourse

Edit the scripts and templates under Concourse to setup a BOSH Director and use that to deploy Concourse. This concourse install would be used later to install Pivotal Ops Mgr 2.0, NSX-T Add-on Tile and Pivotal Application Service Tiles.

Bringing up Bosh Director

  • Edit the concourse/bosh/vsphere-config.yml and concourse/bosh/vsphere/cloud-config.yml
  • Run source scripts/; cd concourse/bosh; ./
  • Now the bosh director should have come up (if the configurations are correct)

Bringing up Concourse

  • Edit the concourse/concourse-manifest.yml and concourse/concourse-params.yml
  • Use github membership to handle auth to concourse. This requires generating github team and associated client id & keys. ** Refer to for more details
  • Run source scripts/; cd concourse; ./
  • Now the Concourse should have come up (if the configurations are correct)

Prerequisites for Tile Install

  • There needs to be a T0 Router that has a tag scope ncp/cluster and a value that can be used for Cloud Foundry install. The value (sample value of ncp/cluster scoped tag is pcf2.0 on a given T0Router) should match with the foundation name specified for the NSX-T Tile configuration. Same for the overlay network, container ip pools, external mapped ip pools etc.

  • There needs to be minimum of 2 networks (logical switches) in NSX-T - one for BOSH & Ops Mgr (named infra) and one for PAS (named ert). The names need not match exactly, just ensure the params file is correctly specifying the logical switch names.

    • Sample setup
    Logical Switch Sample Subnet Sample Static ips Description
    infra used by Ops Mgr
    ert, used by GoRouter, used by TCPRouter, used by SSH Proxy/Diego Brain
    services used by RabbitMQ used by MySQL Proxy
  • The Ops Mgr should have its own NAT setup configured on the T0 Router. The Ops Mgr domain name gets resolved to an externally resolvable address that is then natted via the T0 Router into the internal address. This can be via BGP or floating ips with static route on the T0 Router. The associated T1 Router should have All NSX Connected routes advertisement enabled.

  • The GoRouter should have its own LBR configured on the T1 Router so the app and system domain names gets resolved to an externally resolvable address mapped to the Virtual Server and its LBR is then associated with the appropriate T1 Router (with LBR VIP advertisement enabled).

  • If the NSX-T tile is not publicly downloadable from (as of 01/15/2018), download the NSX-T Container bits from VMware site and extract the .pivotal tile from the bundle and save it on a Amazon S3 bucket for the Concourse pipeline to use.

    • Make sure the s3 creds and bucket names are correct for pipeline to pull down the nsx-t tile from s3.
    • If unsure of the region name or if Concourse pipeline reports problems in retreiving the resource from s3, comment off the region_name parameter inside the pipeline and try applying the chagnes again against the pipeline.

Installing Pivotal Ops Mgr and Cloud Foundry Deployment

  • There are 3 pipeline templates available:
    • Use the install-pcf-pipeline.yml for standard PAS 2.0 install with NSX with 3 AZs, 4 networks (infra, ert, services and dynamics services as specified in the PCF NSX Cookbook arch)
    • Use the install-pcf-pipeline-nsx-t-poc.yml for a limited 3 AZ, 2 networks (infra, ert) install of PAS + NSX-T (as suggested in VMware field guide for NSX-T + PAS POCs)
    • Use the install-pcf-pipeline-scs.yml for the full install of PAS with NSX, MySQL, RabbitMQ and Spring Cloud Service Tiles
  • Create a params.yml using the piplines/params.sample.yml as template (under pipelines or other folder)
    • Note: For users using the nsx-t-poc pipeline, use the params.nsx-t-poc.sample.yml as template
  • Edit the values for the various tile versions, vcenter endpoints, network segments, creds etc. The pipeline expects 4 different network configs (for Infra, Ert, Services and Dynamic Services) based on PCF reference deployment arch (based on NSX-V, NSX-T yet to come up).
  • Edit the script (changing the url for the concourse web endpoint, name of the pipeline, path to the params file etc.)
  • Run source
  • Run fly-s to register the pipeline
  • Hit unpause on pipeline in the Concourse UI (referred as the web ui endpoint for concourse) or using fly -t <target> unpause-pipeline -p <pipeline-name>
  • Check on progress using fly ... watch or fly-h <build-no>

Running Cloud Foundry Acceptance tests

  • Register the cf acceptance test pipeline using fly -t <target> set-pipeline -p cf-acceptance-pipeline -c cf-acceptance-tests-pipeline -l params.yml to register the acceptance test pipeline
  • Hit unpause on pipeline in the Concourse UI (referred as the web ui endpoint for concourse) or using fly -t <target> unpause-pipeline -p <pipeline-name>
  • Check on progress using fly ... watch or fly-h <build-no>


The pipeline has been tested with following version:

  • Ops Mgr 2.1.2
  • NSX-T Tile 2.1.3
  • PAS Tile 2.1.4
  • PKS v1.0 and v1.1

Tweak the versions in the params file.

Installing PKS

PKS v1.* Tile can also be installed either on an existing Ops Mgr install (with or without PAS) or for a brand new install including new Ops Mgr. Use the install-pks-pipeline.yml for install of pure PKS (without PAS) with the pks-params.sample.yml for the parameter template. For users of PAS looking at installing and exploring PKS, they can use the pks-install-standalone group from the install-pks-pipeline.yml.

Note: The underlying Edge instances used for PKS should be large size, 8 vcpus. Otherwise, the pks-nsx-t-precheck errand bundled with PKS v1.1 would fail. Turn off or disable the precheck errand in those cases via the pipeline parameter.

Installing Harbor

Harbor v1.* Tile can also be installed on an existing Ops Mgr install. Use the install-pks-pipeline.yml for install with the harbor-install-standalone group job option. Use both the pks-params.sample.yml and harbor.params.sample.yml as templates to fill all required fields.

Exposing PKS Controller and Harbor to outside

Note: Both Harbor and PKS use vms (harbor app vm and PKS controller vm respectively) for mgmt layer. Since these run inside the internal private network, the pipeline makes it easy to expose them to the outside using NAT settings on the NSX-T T0 Router so users can invoke cli commands or access the mgmt function from outside. This functionality requires the setup of a domain endpoint thats addressable and resolvable to a pre-determined external accessible ip (from the NSX-T external ip pool, routed via the NSX T0 Router).

Sample config for PKS:

# Creates DNS entry in the loadbalancer and DNAT/SNAT entries for following
# Just provide the prefix like uaa or api for domain_prefix.
# The prefix together with system domain would be used like or
pks_tile_uaa_domain_prefix: api # Would be used for UAA as ${prefix}.${pks_system_domain}

# External IP that would be routable via the NSX T0 Router and mapped to ${pks_tile_uaa_domain_prefix}.${pks_system_domain}
pks_tile_uaa_system_domain_ip: EDIT_ME

Sample config for Harbor:

harbor_tile_app_domain: EDIT_ME_HARBOR_APP_DOMAIN
harbor_tile_app_domain_ip: EDIT_ME


Install PCF/PAS 2.0 with NSX-T Add-on Tile using concourse - DEPRECATED




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