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ide-purescript package for VS Code

This package provides editor support for PureScript projects in Visual Studio Code, similar to the corresponding atom plugin. Now based on a common PureScript based core! Basic syntax highlighting support is provided by the separate package language-purescript which should be installed automatically as a dependency.

This package provides:

  • Build and error reporting
  • Quick-fix support for certain warnings
  • Autocompletion
  • Type info tooltips

Package should trigger on opening a .purs file.

Installation and General Use

This package relies on having psc-ide installed. As of PureScript compiler version 0.8.2 this is now bundled with the compiler, and things should "just work"; for earlier compiler versions consult the psc-ide documentation. This runs a server process, psc-ide-server, to provide type information, completions, etc. This package will automatically start psc-ide-server in your project directory (port is configurable) and kill it when closing, if for some reason you want a longer running server process you should be able to start that before starting code. Multiple projects currently not supported! psc-ide-client is not used, communication is via direct socket connection.

For all functions provided by psc-ide you will need to build your project first! Dependencies will automatically be loaded via dependencies Current.File as required.

The extension language-purescript is required but should be installed automatically. The package will start on opening a .purs file.

Suggested extensions

See input-assist for Unicode input assistance on autocomplete which is known to work with this extension, alternatively unicode-latex which offers similar LaTeX based input vi a lookup command.


'PureScript Build' command will build your project using the command line pulp build --no-psa --json-errors. Version 0.8.0+ of the PureScript compiler is required, as well as version 8.0.0 of pulp (for the --no-psa flag...).

Error suggestions are provided for some compiler errors, try alt/cmd and ..


Provided from psc-ide. Make sure your project is built first.

Completions will be sourced from modules imported in the current file.


Hovering over an identifier will show a tooltip with its type.

This is really stupid, and only cares that you hover over a word regardless of context, you will get some false positives (eg doesn't see local definitions, just the globals that should be visible in a given module).


Settings available via user/workspace settings:

    // Location of psc-ide server executable (resolved wrt PATH)
    "purescript.pscIdeServerExe": "psc-ide-server",

    // Port to use for psc-ide
    "purescript.pscIdePort": 4242,

    // Location of installed packages
    "purescript.packagePath": "Path to installed packages",

    // Build command to use with arguments. Not passed to shell. eg `pulp build --json-errors`
    "purescript.buildCommand": "pulp build --no-psa --json-errors"

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