PureScript IDE support for VS Code
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ide-purescript package for VS Code

This package provides editor support for PureScript projects in Visual Studio Code, similar to the corresponding atom plugin. Now based on a common PureScript language server! Basic syntax highlighting support is provided by the separate package language-purescript which should be installed automatically as a dependency.

This package provides:

  • Build and error reporting
  • Quick-fix support for certain warnings
  • Autocompletion
  • Type info tooltips
  • Go to symbol
  • Go to definition

Package should trigger on opening a .purs file.

Installation and General Use

This package makes use of the purs ide server (previously psc-ide) for most functionality, with purs compile (by default via pulp) for the explicit build command. All this is via a Language Server Protocol implementation, purescript-language-server.

This package will launch a purescript-language-server process, which will automatically (but this is configurable) start purs ide server in your project directory and kill it when closing. Start/stop and restart commands are provided for the IDE server in case required (eg after changing config or updating compiler version).

Multi-root workspaces should be supported via a multiple language server approach.

For all functions provided by the IDE server you will need to build your project first!

The extension language-purescript is required but should be installed automatically. The package will start on opening a .purs file.

Suggested extensions

See input-assist for Unicode input assistance on autocomplete which is known to work with this extension, alternatively unicode-latex which offers similar LaTeX based input vi a lookup command.


'PureScript Build' command will build your project using the command line pulp build -- --json-errors. Version 0.8.0+ of the PureScript compiler is required, as well as version 10.0.0 of pulp (with earlier versions remove --).

Alternative build commands can be used by setting purescript.buildCommand:

  • For pulp with psc-package: pulp --psc-package build -- --json-errors

Error suggestions are provided for some compiler errors, try alt/cmd and ..


Provided from purs ide server. Make sure your project is built first.

Completions will be sourced from modules imported in the current file.


Hovering over an identifier will show a tooltip with its type.

This is really stupid, and only cares that you hover over a word regardless of context, you will get some false positives (eg doesn't see local definitions, just the globals that should be visible in a given module).

Hovering over a qualifier of a qualified identifier will show the associated module name.

Pursuit lookup

Commands "Search Pursuit" and "Search Pursuit Modules" are available to search for identifiers or modules/packages on Pursuit.


No particular support. Suggest you open a PSCI in the integrated terminal.