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A somewhat upgraded/refactored version of NXEngine by Caitlin Shaw.

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Running the game

  • Check the wiki for Linux, macOS, and Windows-specific instructions if you'd like to build from source.
  • Check the Releases page and download the latest version if you'd rather not build it yourself.

Differences from the original version of NXEngine:

  • Port to SDL2 (thanks to PIlin)
  • More resolutions and proper widescreen support up to Full HD (thanks to EXL)
  • Animated character portraits
  • Modern main menu
  • Credits graphics specific to the Mimiga Mask ending
  • Localization support
  • Force feedback support
  • Custom soundtrack support
  • Initial mod support
  • Vita/Switch versions
  • Cleaner and partly-refactored code
  • Tons of gameplay-related bugfixes
  • Removed built-in data extractor
  • Removed replays, as they were buggy/not implemented anyway

Vita icon based on art by ClockWorkInc