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mnisten : image files to idx format converter

mnisten is a library to convert image files to idx format binaries.

  • assign label id automatically by directory-name (lexicographical order)
  • auto resizing
  • random-shuffling
  • generate train/test file


image files:

|   |--a.bmp
|   |--b.bmp
|   +--1.txt
  • a and b.bmp => label 1
  • c and d.bmp => label 0
  • 1.txt and e.bmp => ignored


mnisten -d .\ -o prefix -s 32x24

then create:

  • prefix_train_images.idx3
  • prefix_train_labels.idx1
  • label.txt
    • log directory-name => label-id
option parameters meaning required default
--dir,-d directory-name(string) root directory of images yes -
--output,-o prefix(string) prefix of output idx files no ""
--num-tests,-n num(int) number of test data (if 0, all images are treated as training data) no 0
--size,-s WxH(string) size of each image data no 32x32
--without-shuffle,-w (none) disable data shuffling no false


  • OpenCV
  • boost (boost/filesystem)



or build vc/mnisten.sln